Other Questions

Can I travel with my medication?
When traveling in Texas, we recommend keeping your prescription info with you. It’s important to remember that cannabis-based medicine is still a federally illegal substance, so we do not recommend traveling out of state with your medicine.
How is this medicine different from CBD oil available over the counter?
Cannabis is a medicine, and our products are highly regulated to achieve the highest standards of quality, purity and consistency. They are guaranteed to be free of harmful contaminants. In addition, our products are prescribed under the care of a physician to treat your individual symptoms. Your doctor will dictate the most appropriate formulation and dose, considering any potential interactions with current medications.
Do you have any marijuana dispensaries outside of Austin?
In addition to our South Austin dispensary, we offer pickup locations across the state. 
What phone number do I call if I need to verify a prescription?
Please call (512) 424-0290 to verify a prescription. This is the direct line to the Compassionate Use Program.
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