Texas Original's Promise

We take pride in cultivating the highest-quality medicine for our fellow Texas. That's

why we produce everything from seed to solution locally. 

Grown by Texans for Texans

Texas Original is defined by the integrity of our products. To ensure our medicine is of the highest quality, we follow a rigorous cultivation, manufacturing, and certification process that has redefined the gold standard of cannabis production.

Quality Products, Made Simple

Texas Original leads the state in ensuring quality and consistency - so that you can be confident that the Texas Original product you receive this month is the same product you will receive next month. 

Serving Patients Across the State of Texas

Texas Original is committed to serving patients like you across the State of Texas. From expanding statewide access to our medicine to personal, one-on-one customer service that makes ordering easier for you, we are committed to helping patients take their lives back. 

Certified for Medical Use

Texas Original uses the latest science and top-of-the-line ingredients to provide our patients with the most effective, quality medicine.