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Since opening our doors on February 8, 2018, we have continued to witness the power and truth of what the cannabis plant can do. As the leading dispensary in the state, Texas Original™ proudly stands with and for every Texan who believes medical cannabis should be a treatment option for patients who could benefit from it. 

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Our Success Stories

Barry endured years of pain and grief from losing his son, surviving stage 4 colorectal cancer, and sustaining multiple injuries from an accident. Medical cannabis has provided Barry with a quick and effective solution for relief without unwanted side effects. Not only has medical cannabis helped Barry through the loss of his son Braeden, but Barry can also now go to work, spend time with his grandkids, and work out again. 

For over two decades, Shawn endured flashbacks, severe emotional distress and sleepless nights after witnessing the twin towers fall on 9/11. Shawn’s PTSD affected his social life with friends, family and colleagues. After moving to Austin and going through years of therapy, Shawn was still in search of a solution for his symptoms of PTSD. Now empowered by the calming effect of medical cannabis, Shawn describes the 20th and 21st anniversaries of the attacks as the easiest he has ever had. He also credits medical cannabis for removing the tightness in his chest and giving him a new, more positive outlook on life. 

Michelle has lived with years of chronic pain since she was a child. After learning she had scoliosis at 12 years old, Michelle began taking over-the-counter pain medication daily, however, they weren’t enough to help with her pain, so doctors began prescribing her opioids. Later, at 27, Michelle started to have excruciating nerve pain in her foot and discovered that she had a dead bone and three bursas. After years of excruciating pain, losing her ability to walk, go to work, and drive due to her condition, Michelle discovered that she qualified for medical cannabis with her neuropathy diagnosis. With medical cannabis, Michelle finally found relief, discontinued all opioids and is managing her pain effectively without harmful side effects. Michelle has regained the ability to walk again, work out, drive and travel with her husband. 

After being diagnosed with epilepsy and autism as a child, James tried several medications, therapy and even came close to undergoing brain surgery. James' family began to worry that they may lose their son and decided to give medical cannabis a try. As a result, James is now two years seizure-free, his coordination has improved tremendously and he can participate in activities with his friends and family. Click below to watch his full story.

For over 16 years, Texas Original patient, Sophia, endured severe migraines and seizures that prevented her ability to drive, work and spend time with family. Medical cannabis has provided Sophia with a safe and natural alternative to minimizing seizure activity and migraines, allowing her to work again, drive and vacation with her family.

"Since receiving medical cannabis through Texas Original through the Compassionate Use Program, I have maintained seizure control, graduating as the Valedictorian of my high school class and being accepted into the University Honors Program at Texas A&M University. As a sophomore Political Science major there, because of this medicine, I have a 4.0 and am enjoying a normal college life."

"Ian used to have 10 seizures or more a day, and they were delaying his motor-skills development. Before he started a medical cannabis regimen, he could not walk, gaining mobility through use of a wheelchair. Ian also had food-texture issues, only tolerating baby food, applesauce, and yogurt. Since Ian has been using medical cannabis from Texas Original, he is now walking on his own with a walker. He tolerates food textures much better and is eating a wider range of foods. He is learning like crazy. Best of all, he is an alert and happy boy." – Ashley, Texas Original Caregiver

"I am in high school and have had intractable epilepsy since I was 3. I’ve been on multiple medicines, failing most. My usual pattern was 1-2 grand mal seizures per night. A few years ago, it spiraled out of control. So many seizures that some days I couldn’t keep count of them. At one point, I couldn’t leave my bed, because that was the safest place for me. All I wanted was to be a normal kid…to go to school, play sports and have fun like everyone else. Then my doctor introduced me to medical cannabis."

"Callen has been diagnosed with autism, ADHD, asthma, hypotonia, intellectual disability, and epilepsy. Since starting treatment with medical cannabis, Callen has been removed from all AEDs (anti-epileptic drugs). Increasing his THC level has been a huge help in managing his autistic behaviors. We have also seen an increase in speech and his use of sign language. In addition, he seems to be better at comprehending and navigating social situations.  Medical cannabis has allowed my non-verbal child to say, 'I Love You!' Music to a mother's ears." – CJ Jakel, Texas Original Caregiver 

"Gabriel has had to deal with more than most adults do in a lifetime. He has intractable Epilepsy along with Autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, Chiari Malformation, and intellectual disability. He has been on every anti-seizure med and every combination of prescriptions available to him. Those drugs produced no decline in seizure activity, and things were actually getting worse. On a bad day, he could have up to 30 seizures, leaving him so tired and debilitated that it was impossible to live a normal life. 3 weeks after beginning medical cannabis, I could see a significant change in his seizure activity and by January his seizures had all but subsided. He has only had 6 major seizures in a 6-month time frame and is becoming more of the boy he was meant to be. He plays and laughs and is a joy to all that know him… it turned out to be the best decision I ever made for my son.” – Kat, Texas Original Caregiver

After several unsuccessful treatments for her Multiple Sclerosis, Tracy's neurologist told her she was a "no option" patient. Her pain and inflammation made even the simplest tasks difficult, and she worried about how that limited her ability to be an involved mom. With medical cannabis, pain no longer holds Tracy back and she has regained her quality of life. “It’s a big deal just to be able to go outside and do some yard work. It’s the things you take for granted. This medical cannabis brought back my hope and quality of life.”

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in January 2018. I started noticing one summer prior that I would drop things and have trouble finding words, the leg pain was relentless. I have had a lot of procedures to get ahead of the nerve pain, unfortunately, I have failed all medications. The only other options were antidepressants or narcotics but then when you crash off of those, it is hard as a mother to have that come into play when you are trying to raise your kids. As soon as legislation passed, I was ready to find a doctor who could prescribe medical cannabis. In addition to pain management when nothing else was working, it has helped tremendously with anxiety and sleep. I am able to relax naturally and depend less on other medications. I have been able to grow again as an athlete and be there for my kids." – Ella-Kate, Texas Original Patient

"I was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2015. A lot of my symptoms prior were forgetfulness, pain, issues with balance and wasn't aware of my surroundings. They put me on medication and it did help at first, but after a year or so it wasn't getting better. My wife and I decided brain surgery was the next step. Post brain surgery, I was taking lots of different medications and at times unable to get out of bed. Shortly after, I began taking medical cannabis, I was not as distracted and I could focus. My wife can attest to that more than anything. I am present and able to enjoy everyday tasks such as driving and spending time with my granddaughter." – Kevin, Texas Original Patient