New Look, Same Texas Original

New Look, Same Texas Original
New Look, Same Texas Original

Today, we’re excited to unveil a new look at Texas Original. Although our logo has changed, our commitment to Texans has not. As the longest-running medical marijuana dispensary in the state of Texas, we're proud to continue serving our fellow Texans with the highest quality medicine in the state. 

When we planted our first medical cannabis seeds in October 2017, we set forth a mission and vision for everything we do at Texas Original.  

  • Our mission is to create the highest quality medicine that changes people’s lives. We stand beside all who believe in safe, legal and effective access to this powerful medicine. As fellow Texans, we see this as our responsibility to take care of our neighbors. 
  • Our vision is to transform Texas through the power and the truth of medical cannabis. We work with physicians and their patients with current qualifying conditions to supply prescription cannabis that can change lives. We promise to be an ally, a resource and a guide to help you or your loved ones find relief. 

Six years later, our mission and vision have helped us build the largest medical cannabis distribution network in Texas, bringing medicine to thousands of Texans in need statewide. As we embark on our next chapter in this great state, our new look symbolizes our continued commitment to transforming lives with this medicine.  

To everyone in our Texas Original family – our patients, families, physicians, staff and friends – thank you for being part of this journey. We couldn’t be more excited to serve our home state for many years to come. 

Your TXOG Team