Introducing Advocates for Cannabis in Texas

Texas Original Patient Jacob Smiles in Front of TXOG Medical Cannabis Plants
Introducing Advocates for Cannabis in Texas

2021 has been an important year not just for TXOG, but for the state of medical cannabis in Texas. As we work to expand legislation in Texas, TXOG has found ways to provide safe access to high-quality medicine to thousands of Texans who need it to manage symptoms and find relief.

More veterans and others suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder are turning to TXOG and medical cannabis to find relief from anxiety, insomnia and other symptoms. People like retired U.S. Army Major David Bass, a veteran of operations Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom, and founder of Texas Veterans for Medical Marijuana.

More patients living with cancer can access prescriptions to stimulate their appetites, manage chemotherapy side effects and lessen the impact of oncology treatments. People like Mike Thompson, a four-time cancer survivor currently enrolled in the Compassionate Use Program who, as TXOG’s director of strategic partnerships, works with the Texas medical community to educate prescribing physicians about the power of medical cannabis.

Epilepsy patients are reducing the frequencies of their seizures and finding new ways to dream. People like 7-year-old Jacob Ortiz, who recently achieved one year seizure-free through a medical cannabis prescription and wants to start playing football.

Thousands of other Texans have similar stories to tell—stories of the comfort, calm and compassion they’ve experienced through medical cannabis.

There are hundreds of thousands who still don’t have the same opportunity. We have much more to accomplish in the months and years to come—through legislation, activism and advocacy.

We believe the best way to achieve all three is through the power of Texas Original stories—people across the state of Texas who have become more than patients. They’ve become leading advocates, fighting to reform laws to deliver the life-changing power of medical cannabis to more Texans who need it.

TXOG proudly stands with and for every Texan who believes medical cannabis should be a treatment option for patients who could benefit from it. That’s why we’ve launched Advocates for Cannabis in Texas, or ACT, a new patient- and advocacy-centric program that provides Texas medical cannabis patients the opportunity to tell their own success stories.

Stay tuned for success stories from Texas patients who have found relief with medical cannabis. Want to share your story? Email us at