3 Studies Show the Benefits of Medical Marijuana for Autism

3 Studies Show the Benefits of Medical Marijuana for Autism

For thousands of Texas families, the struggle to find an effective treatment for autism that doesn’t cause disruptive side effects is all too familiar. 

When David was 11, he was diagnosed with autism. The busy classroom overwhelmed him, so his mother transitioned him to virtual learning to help him better cope with the sensory overload. David loved to be active and yearned to go outdoors, but his family could not find a solution that would allow him to enjoy it without over-stimulation.

In 2019, David's family discovered medical marijuana. His mother noticed a significant change in his behavior after he began taking cannabis medicine from Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation.

“Before the cannabis medicine, I would try walking with David around the block, but the sensory overload would overwhelm him and my husband would have to come pick us up. Just the other day, David asked if we could walk all the way to the park! Before Compassionate Cultivation, that wouldn’t have been an option for us.”

David was more alert, his speech was clearer, he was aware of his surroundings but not overwhelmed by them, and best of all, he was able to go outside without incident. Now, David goes outdoors, plays and explores—something he has always wanted to do.

There are many more stories like David’s as families turn to medical marijuana to treat autism, and there's some promising research to back its use.

Medical Marijuana and Autism Studies

In recent years, multiple studies have shown medical marijuana to improve common autism symptoms such as behavioral outbreaks, mood, anxiety and sleep.

One study of 60 children with autism found 20:1 CBD:THC medical cannabis to be an effective treatment for behavioral problems. Behavioral outbreaks were improved in 60% of patients. Anxiety also improved by 39%, communication problems by 47% and disruptive behaviors by 29%. Additionally, parents reported they had 33% less stress with the treatment.

Another study conducted by researchers at Tel Aviv University found CBD to improve several autism symptoms in children. Parents administered CBD oil to their children and reported changes. After taking the oil, self-injury and rage attacks improved in 67% of children, hyperactivity symptoms improved in 68%, sleep problems improved in 71% and anxiety improved in 47%.

A more recent study of 188 patients with autism found that after six months of treatment with medical cannabis, 84% of parents reported a significant or moderate improvement in their child's symptoms.

Although this research is encouraging, large-scale trials are still needed to understand the long term benefits and effects of using medical marijuana to treat autism.

How to Get a Prescription 

Autism is an approved condition for medical marijuana in Texas. To quickly review your eligibility at no cost, fill out the Schedule a Free Consultation form below. Once approved, you will be scheduled for a virtual appointment with a registered physician. After your appointment, fill out the online prescription request form or call our dispensary to fill your prescription.