How to Refill Your Medical Marijuana Prescription

You scheduled your free consultation with Texas OG, got approved then had your appointment with a registered physician. After receiving your first prescription, you filled it with us and are enjoying the relief you’ve achieved with our medicine! Now you need to know how many refills are remaining on your prescription.

Finding your remaining refills on your prescription is easy. You can check the patient slip you received with your medication. You can also request a refill on the patient portal. 

If you have no refills remaining, you will need to request a new prescription from your doctor. There are several different telemedicine providers and in-person physicians patients may see. Overall, calling your physician’s office or telemedicine provider is the best way to get a new prescription or have specific questions answered. In this blog, we will discuss how to request a new prescription from your telemedicine provider.

Continue reading to learn more about how to get a new prescription and see answers to common questions you may have.

How do I request a new prescription? 

Requesting a new prescription from your doctor is easy. Patients can typically call or text their telemedicine provider’s phone number to request a new prescription. Some providers require that you set up a follow-up appointment after receiving your first prescription. If you run out before this appointment, you can still call them to request a new prescription. Other providers have an online portal that you can access to request a new prescription. If you’re unsure of how to request a new prescription with your provider, the best option is to give them a call. Once you’ve received your new prescription, you can refill it in the patient portal even if it says no refills as this is based on your previous prescription.

What if I need to change the strength of my prescription?

If you need to change the strength of your prescription, just call the number of your telemedicine provider. Some providers will discuss the available ratios and whether you want to increase or decrease your THC or CBD intake. They will reach out to your physician so they can adjust your prescription accordingly. Other providers require that you schedule a consultation with your physician so they can see which symptoms are being alleviated and what your concerns are. Once again, calling your telemedicine provider’s phone number is the first step to changing the strength of your prescription.

What if I’d like to try a different product or formulation?

There are a variety of products and formulations to try and some may be better suited for you and your needs than others. Sometimes it simply comes down to trying the different products to see which you prefer. Depending on the telemedicine provider, you may be prescribed a specific formulation and product or you may get to choose your formulation and product. If your prescription was written for a specific product and you’d like to try something different, call their number. Some telemedicine providers will inform the physician of the product you’d like to try and add it to your prescription. Other providers require you to schedule a consultation so you can discuss which product or formulation you’d like to try.

Get a Prescription

If you are interested in getting a medical marijuana prescription, we offer a free consultation. In this consultation, a telemedicine provider will review your records to determine your eligibility. Once approved, you will be scheduled for a virtual appointment with a registered physician. Appointment costs vary by the telemedicine clinic. To get started, click the button below.