Nanoemulsion is Here in Texas

Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation (TOCC) has partnered with Vertosa to create fast-acting products for our medical marijuana patients.

Vertosa is a science-first cannabis company that uses nanoemulsion technology to create quicker onset products. Continue reading to find out more about nanoemulsion.

Our Partnership

TOCC is the leading medical cannabis provider in Texas and Vertosa is a science-first cannabis company leading the emulsification industry. TOCC has partnered with Vertosa to create the most effective and reliable active ingredients for infused products. Our proven medical cannabis products will be the first and only in Texas to feature Vertosa’s solutions.

What is Nanoemulsion?

Nanoemulsion was developed to overcome the drawbacks of traditional drug delivery systems. This technology improves the water-solubility of the cannabinoids found in our medical marijuana products. Cannabinoids are naturally lipid-soluble compounds and they slowly enter the bloodstream when digested. On average, lipid-soluble edibles take 1-2 hours to reach maximum concentration in the bloodstream.  Because 80% of the human body is water, having water-dispersible solutions to increase the gummies’ bioavailability ultimately enhances the benefits of medical cannabis.

Nanoemulsion and Our Medicine

TOCC’s new line of gummies will be its first physician-approved product to exclusively incorporate Vertosa’s nanoemulsion solutions. Texas Original gummies are formulated under the guidance of our Medical Advisory Board and ease patient symptoms such as chronic pain, anxiety, muscle spasms, neuropathic pain or numbness, lack of appetite, sleep problems, nausea and others. 

Become a Medical Marijuana Patient

TOCC has partnered with certified physicians throughout the state to provide you with an opportunity to quickly find out if you qualify for medical marijuana at no cost. The quicker you get approved, the sooner you get a prescription, the faster you feel relief. To find out if you qualify for medical marijuana, click the button below.