Statement from CEO Morris Denton: Confiscating CBD Products from Texas Vape Shop Doesn’t Solve Underlying Problem

AUSTIN, Texas—July 25, 2018—Morris Denton, CEO for licensed medical cannabis provider Compassionate Cultivation, issued the below statement regarding news reports of a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration raid on Green Gorilla Vape Shop in Amarillo, and the confiscation of cannabidiol (CBD) products:

“The solution is simple: Regulate, don’t confiscate. The problem with the generic CBD market is that many of the products sold in Texas are made by fly-by-night manufacturing entities based in other states that don’t really care about quality and consistency in ingredients. As a result, the products are littered with problems and are a safety issue for Texas.

“It’s time for Texas as a state to protect its citizens by regulating what is an extraordinarily high growth market before someone falls ill, or worse. Texans deserve access to this medicine, but more importantly they deserve access to medicine they can trust.

“CBD products should all be held to the same quality standards and subject to lab testing for safety.”

Compassionate Cultivation is one of three businesses licensed by the Texas Department of Safety to grow cannabis, process it into low-THC formulations of CBD oil and provide it to patients who hold a valid doctor’s prescription. The Texas-owned and operated dispensary made history when it opened its doors to patients in February. Lab test results for production batches of Compassionate Cultivation’s CBD medicine are publicly available.

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