Coronavirus and Cannabis: What You Need to Know

With the novel coronavirus pandemic at hand, many medical cannabis patients are left questioning if...
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A Letter from Morris Denton, CEO of Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation

Dear Patients, Doctors and Stakeholders, As our communities continue to feel the impact of Coronavirus...
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Cannabis for PTSD: What Science Says

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a neurological condition that extends far beyond the military, where...
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Why Terpenes Matter When You’re Breeding Medical Cannabis

Research shows that terpenes have significant benefits and play a key role in the efficacy...
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A Doctor’s View: Physicians Are Working Together to Expand Medical Cannabis Knowledge Base—Part 3

In this special three-part series, Compassionate Cultivation Chief Medical Officer Dr. Karen Keough discusses the...
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Doctor-to-Doctor: What You Should Know About Medical Cannabis in Texas

By: Dr. Karen Keough, Board-Certified Neurologist/Epileptologist and Chief Medical Officer, Compassionate Cultivation In June of...
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Learn All About Compassionate Cultivation’s New Balanced 3:1 Formulation

By: Compassionate Cultivation staff Curious about Compassionate Cultivation’s newest medical cannabis product? Here we’ll address...
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Growing Medical Cannabis in Texas: Putting Patients’ Needs First

Compassionate Cultivation’s Agronomy Expert, Taylor Kirk, Talks About the Medical Cannabis Cultivation Process In this...
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Meet Brazos: A Closer Look at a New Cannabis Cultivar Designed with Texas Patients in Mind

With the introduction of “Brazos,” a new and proprietary cannabis cultivar bred in-house at our...
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