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Jason SandersCultivation Manager

    Jason Sanders is an Austin native who just recently returned from his six-year cannabis cultivation stent in California to join Compassionate Cultivation as the Cultivation Manager. 

    Jason’s love agriculture and natural medicine started in 2006 when Jason joined the Texas 4000 bicycle team to participate in the world’s longest annual charity ride from Austin, TX to Anchorage, AK benefitting cancer survivors. This 4,600 mile doubled as a tour through the forests and soils of North America, fueling his passion to bring global change to our agricultural systems.

    Jason’s journey continued at Texas State University where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Agribusiness and Management in 2008 and his Masters’ degree in Agricultural Education in 2010. While pursuing his graduate degree, he developed the nation’s largest student-run cafeteria composting program, which has been recognized with awards such as TxSWANA’s Finest Award for Solid Waste Management and Composting Program of the Year by the US Composting Council. After school, Jason worked with local composters in Austin, TX to develop large-scale commercial composting programs for diverse customers across educational, hospitality, sporting, food service, and entertainment industries. Many of these composting programs developed into national programs that helped shape the current US composting industry. Sanders’ composting revolution came around full-circle with the creation of Soil Chefs, a company he developed that was dedicated to creating the innovative and sustainable agricultural systems of the future based on the principles of living craft soils.