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We get a lot of questions about medical cannabis in Texas. Below, you can find answers to most questions. If your question isn’t answered below, please get in touch with us directly.

Are Compassionate Cultivation’s medical cannabis products by prescription only?

As of today, yes. Compassionate Cultivation only distributes medical cannabis products to patients that qualify under the Compassionate Use Act of Texas. The latest details about conditions that may qualify for medical cannabis can be found here.

If I do qualify for treatment, how can I find a doctor that can prescribe medical cannabis?

Many physicians currently approved by the Department of Public Safety to prescribe medical cannabis can be found by contacting our dispensary here. If your physician is not in our database, encourage them to reach out directly to us or email us here and we can include them.

How much cannabis-based medicine is needed each day?

Your physician will discuss specific dosing with you based on your unique situation. Each of our bottles lists the concentration of mg of CBD and THC per serving to easily administer the proper dose each time.

What is the difference between Compassionate Cultivation’s medicine and over-the-counter products?

Our medication is of the highest quality possible, starting from cultivation and ending in a child-resistant and tamper evident packaged bottle. The final product is quality tested for pesticides, heavy metals, microbial activity, chemicals and the potency of CBD and THC in the product. Consistent with Compassionate Cultivation’s commitment to transparency, test results are always publicly available. You can be assured the medicine is consistent and of high purity. Everything is traced and easily tracked to the plant it came from. Hemp based products are unregulated, rarely lot traceable and could be contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides or chemicals.

What type of carrier oil is used in your tinctures?

We use pharmaceutical-grade coconut MCT Oil as a standard in our oil-based products. Safflower oil is available upon request for those with nut-based allergies.

How do I fill the prescription my doctor has given me?

The first step to receive your medicine is to call our dispensary at 512-467-4118. You will need to provide the last name, date of birth and last five digits of Social Security Number of the patient. Our dispensary staff will walk you through the process of either pick-up or delivery and answer any questions you may have. We are here to help!

What do I need to receive my medication, and who is eligible to receive medication on my behalf?

As the patient, all you need is a valid ID. If you’re a guardian picking up for a patient, you must be listed in the registry by the Prescriber so you can pick up the medicine with your valid ID as well.

Who should I ask about dosage and duration of this medication?

All dosing questions should be directed to your prescribing physician.

Are there any artificial dyes, added sugars or allergens in your products?

There are no dyes in our products. In our unflavored product, there are no additives; it is strictly cannabis oil extract and USP-grade MCT oil. The mint product is flavored with all-natural peppermint oil. The cherry product uses all-natural almond oil containing a minute amount of artificial cherry flavoring. For patients with nut sensitivities or an aversion to MCT oil, we offer an unflavored safflower oil-based option.

Should medical cannabis products be taken with food or water?

There is no indication that taking with or without food or water will affect the efficacy of this medicine; however, as with other medications, taking on a full stomach could delay but not dilute the effects.

Does health insurance or Medicaid cover my prescription?

Currently our medicine is not covered by insurance or Medicaid; however, some FSA and HSA cards are accepted. To use FSA / HSA accounts, please make sure you have the associated PIN to complete the transaction.

How do I get a refill on my medication?

Please contact your prescribing physician’s office for a refill. We recommend starting this process approximately one week prior to running out of medication, as sometimes it takes a few days for doctors to get necessary approvals.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, money orders and debit cards. We also have an ACH (automated clearing house) account for direct payment via a patient’s bank account with zero fees. Please ask our dispensary staff for instructions on how to set up an ACH account.

Can I travel with my cannabis-based medication?

In State: When Traveling within Texas, always keep your prescription information handy, along with the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas (CURT) verification phone number (833-244-6702) located on the patient insert and bottle label. Our medicine is treated as a Schedule I substance and prescription verification may be necessary.

Outside of Texas and U.S.: It’s important to remember that cannabis-based medicine is a federally illegal substance.* There is no official guidance from the Texas Department of Public Safety on this subject and it is unknown how it would be handled in other states and countries.

*This applies to air travel, border patrol and shipping via postal service, as these are federally regulated entities.

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