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Compassionate Use Guidelines for Patients

The Texas Compassionate Use Act allows qualified physicians who register with the Texas Compassionate Use Program to legally prescribe low-THC medical cannabis to certain patients diagnosed with intractable epilepsy.

Under the Texas Compassionate Use Act, certain patients with intractable epilepsy may legally obtain nonsmokable forms of low-THC cannabis oil from state-licensed dispensaries.

To qualify for medical cannabis, patients who are permanent residents of Texas and diagnosed with intractable epilepsy must obtain a prescription from a qualified physician who determines the risk of low-THC cannabis is reasonable in light of the potential benefit for the patient. Qualified physicians must specialize in the field of examining, diagnosing and treating epilepsy.

Physicians will obtain a concurring determination from a second qualified physician before prescribing medical cannabis, and will register their patient’s diagnosis and treatment plan with the state’s Compassionate Use Registry database. Once registered, patients and their legal guardians will be exempt from certain state laws prohibiting the possession of cannabis in Texas.

There is no age limit to qualify as a medical cannabis patient in Texas. However, patients under the age of 18 may require permission from a legal guardian. Download the PDF

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