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Texas’ Leading Medical Cannabis Business Maintains Commitment To Statewide Delivery To Patients During COVID-19 Pandemic

Compassionate Cultivation continues to deliver needed medication to patients across the state safely and effectively...
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Texas Medical Cannabis Provider Defers Patient Costs for CBD Medicine During Government Shutdown

AUSTIN, Texas—Jan. 22, 2019—In response to the ongoing partial federal government shutdown, leading Texas medical...
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The Inside Story on Why Compassionate Cultivation Created a new CBD-Rich Medical Cannabis Strain

The creation of the CBD-rich Waterloo strain is a watershed moment for Texas medical cannabis...
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The Future of Cannabis Cultivation: Compassionate Cultivation’s Agronomy Expert Has Insider Insight

The future of cannabis oil medicine rests in the work by researchers and cannabis cultivation...
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Pioneering Texas Cannabis Provider Creates New CBD-Rich Strain

Waterloo is the first legal high-CBD cannabis strain ever created in the state of Texas....
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How Compassionate Cultivation Grows High-Quality Medical Cannabis

Compassionate Cultivation’s Director of Cultivation, Taylor Kirk is an expert agronomist educated at Texas A&M...
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