Texas’ Leading Medical Cannabis Business Maintains Commitment To Statewide Delivery To Patients During COVID-19 Pandemic

Compassionate Cultivation continues to deliver needed medication to patients across the state safely and effectively during this time of crisis

(AUSTIN, TEXAS – April 20, 2020; source: Juice Consulting) – Compassionate Cultivation, Texas’ leading medical cannabis provider, maintains its ongoing dedication to its patients statewide by providing them with needed medication during the current pandemic. Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, Compassionate Cultivation has been deemed an essential business by the State of Texas, and as Texas’ shelter in place ordinance went into effect at the end of March, the company implemented every possible measure to safely supply patients with their treatments, serving families in need and keeping their patients and employees healthy. 

“It’s important now more than ever that our patients continue to have access to this life changing medicine,” said Morris Denton, Compassionate Cultivation CEO. “We know that many of our patients have compromised immune systems, and we’re going to great lengths to ensure we can get our medicine into the hands of our patients quickly and safely and without compromise.”

In the wake of COVID-19, Compassionate Cultivation continues to provide service to patients requiring their medication while simultaneously increasing the safety protocol for their delivery drivers and adopting strict measures to ensure that both patients and drivers are kept safe during the transaction. The Compassionate Use Program is regulated by the Texas Department of Public Safety, and Compassionate Cultivation continues to work closely with them to ensure all compliance measures remain in place. 

“At Compassionate Cultivation, nothing is more important than the safety and health of our patients, co-workers, stakeholders, and community at large,” said Dalton Edwards, Manager, Safety and Compliance at Compassionate Cultivation. “We achieve safe and healthy working and dispensing conditions by fostering a culture focused on awareness, open communication, safety education, supervision, and safe working and dispensing methods.”

“We have had no issues with delivery, no interruptions,” said Blanca R., whose daughter suffers from epilepsy and has been a patient in the program since 2018. “I called when the stay in place situation happened, but was told there was no issue, they were still doing deliveries. Compassionate Cultivation would remain open and that made me feel better, I was a little panicked.”

“The drivers know our patients, they know their stories and, in many cases, have become their advocates,” said Christina Burke, Chief of Staff & Culture at Compassionate Cultivation. “Our drivers share in their success and in their struggles and have made personal commitments to ensure every one one of them has access to their medicine, even when it means being away from their own families during these uncertain times – because our patients are a part of our family.”

Compassionate Cultivation drivers are currently working diligently to ensure that patients from all across the state are receiving their medication on time. Drivers who have to travel long distances and need to stay overnight at a hotel are even taking thorough measures in disinfecting hotel rooms so they are as safe as possible. The Compassionate Cultivation team is providing disinfecting chemicals and instruments for their drivers, including SaniDate 5.0, a disinfectant that is effective in eliminating Human Influenza Virus (H1N1), Avian Influenza Virus (H9N2), and Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

“Delivering medicine to patients is an experience that has developed into friendships that I wouldn’t trade, and it gives me the opportunity to witness the help and relief that our products provide when nothing else has worked.”  said Dan Nowell, Customer Service (Delivery) at Compassionate Cultivation. “I am proud of our company and the approach that’s being taken in fighting the spread of COVID-19. I am equally proud of the response from the patients, with whom I interact daily, who are also using PPE and are equally committed to staying healthy during this unusual time. We are all in this pandemic together, and together will see it through.“

“It has been very scary for us because [our child] Tomas is medically fragile,” said Sara L., whose son, Tomas, takes the medicine to treat his symptoms associated with Autism. “He is a child that has a respiratory disease, so having the comfort of somebody who can come to our house to deliver this medication, wearing the appropriate protective gear and with compassion is huge. We’ve really been able to unlock parts of Tomas’ personality with the medicine, it is such a huge comfort for us to have that safe delivery option.” 

Since its inception, the Austin-based company’s vertically integrated business has been providing high quality medical cannabis products to patients across the Lone Star State, with their production licensed through Texas’ Compassionate Use Program. This program allows for the production and dispensing of low-THC cannabis for medical use after being prescribed by qualified physicians to patients with specific medical conditions. Qualifying conditions for the medicine can be found aquí. To learn more about how to become part of the Compassionate Use Program, please visit aquí.

For more information on Compassionate Cultivation and the Compassionate Use Program, please see texasoriginal.com


Compassionate Cultivation [License #0005] is the leading medical cannabis company in the state of Texas. Headquartered in Austin, the company is the only 100 percent Texan-owned and operated medical cannabis company serving patients throughout America’s second-most populous state. Compassionate Cultivation is dedicated to representing the integrity of this great state and helping patients and families in need—and the physicians prescribing their cannabis-based medicine. For more information, please visit texasoriginal.com. Follow Compassionate Cultivation on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for news and updates on Texas medical cannabis.


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