Texas Original Medical Cannabis Provider Launches More Innovative Products for the State’s Compassionate Use Program

AUSTIN, Texas—Oct. 15, 2019—Compassionate Cultivation, the leading medical cannabis company in Texas, is launching two new products designed to give eligible patients and their physicians a broader range of treatment options:

  • “1:1” is a new Balanced formulation, custom-cultivated and processed to contain equal parts of CBD and THC content by weight.
  • “Plus” is a new blend which includes terpenes from our proprietary cultivar, Waterloo. Plus is the first Compassionate Cultivation formulation to include terpenes. 

Both products are available immediately at the company’s Austin-area dispensary and through its statewide delivery service. 

“We’re constantly listening to and learning from patients, many of whom are suffering from the newly approved conditions like terminal cancer, ALS and others. We also talk with doctors who specialize in these conditions, and they tell us these new formulations can help in their patient’s treatment plans.” said Morris Denton, CEO of Compassionate Cultivation. “These new products reflect our commitment to create the highest quality medicine that changes people’s lives.”

About 1:1

Like the recently-announced 3:1 formulation, Compassionate Cultivation’s new 1:1 formulation is a Balanced product; as the name suggests, 1:1 contains roughly equal amounts of CBD and THC consistent with the guidelines of the Texas Compassionate Use Program. A growing body of research indicates a balanced ratio of cannabinoids exhibits anticonvulsive, antiemetic, anxiolytic and sedative properties, which may be helpful in relieving symptoms such as muscle spasms and chemotherapy-related nausea, among others. The 1:1 formulation comes in cherry, mint and unflavored versions and is priced at $75 for a 30mL bottle and $40 for a 15mL bottle. For more information on dosing of Balanced formulations, please visit the Compassionate Cultivation website

About Plus

Terpenes are organic compounds produced by plants that give them their scent, and are widely used in foods, beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. But beyond providing just a unique scent, studies indicate that terpenes can provide other therapeutic benefits including inducing sleep, relaxing muscles, reducing inflammation and stress and elevating mood and energy levels. The terpenes included in Plus are derived from Waterloo, a proprietary cannabis cultivar bred in-house by Compassionate Cultivation. Waterloo features a linalool-dominant terpenoid profile. Linalool is found in many other plants such as lavender. Plus will be available in tincture only in both the High-CBD and Balanced formulations

“Innovation in breeding and processing are central to our mission because they allow us to create new formulations and product options to help ease patient suffering and improve quality of life across the Lone Star State,” said Taylor Kirk, Vice President of Operations. “In releasing our new 1:1 formulation and Plus, we’ve achieved two more firsts for the state of Texas.”

Legislation passed in June 2019 opened up access to patients with all forms of epilepsy and other seizure disorders, as well as patients with multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), spasticity, autism, terminal cancer, and incurable neurodegenerative diseases.

Compassionate Cultivation made Texas history when it opened its doors in February 2018 as the state’s first retail dispensary. The Texas-based company is one of three businesses licensed by the Texas Department of Safety to grow cannabis and process it into low-THC formulations of medical cannabis products.


About Compassionate Cultivation

Compassionate Cultivation is the leading medical cannabis company in the state of Texas. Headquartered in Manchaca, southwest of Austin, the company is the only 100 percent Texan-owned and operated medical cannabis company serving patients throughout America’s second-most populous state. Compassionate Cultivation is dedicated to representing the integrity of this great state and helping patients and families in need—and the physicians prescribing their cannabis-based medicine. For more information, please visit texasoriginal.com. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for news and updates on Texas medical cannabis.