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Dosing Calculator

Dosing medical cannabis can be complicated because of the need to rationalize both THC and CBD in the prescription. Below, is our easy-to-use dosing calculator, designed to assist prescribers with determining appropriate prescriptions for patients and for entry into the DPS Compassionate Use Program patient database.

When submitting prescription into CURT database, please round up “Total mg [primary medical ingredient] Over Duration” to nearest bottle size, based on below formulations.

For example: 5,800mg CBD of 20:1 Formulation rounds up to 6,000mg CBD (3,000mg CBD bottle x 2).

Available Formulations:

20:1 Formulation (30mL bottle)
3000mg CBD  |  150mg THC

20:1 Formulation (15mL bottle)
1500mg CBD  |  75mg THC

3:1 Formulation (30mL bottle)
450mg CBD  |  150mg THC

3:1 Formulation (15mL bottle)
225mg CBD  |  75mg THC

1:1 Formulation (30mL Bottle)
150mg  CBD  |  150mg THC

1:1 Formulation (15mL Bottle)
75mg  CBD  |  75mg THC

For more information on dosing suggestions, read our guide by Neurologist and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Karen Keough.