Help a Compassionate Family

As of December 2020, insurance companies still do not cover medical marijuana prescriptions for patients. This can be financially taxing for families living with an approved condition such as Epilepsy, Autism or Multiple Sclerosis.

Are you looking for ways to help a Compassionate family in need? We work with foundations that provide financial assistance to patients in Texas for their medicine.

About The Shannon Foundation

The Shannon Foundation is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1994. It is dedicated to helping to pay for medical care for children
whose families can’t afford it. This organization has provided financial assistance to help Compassionate families in need since 2018. If you would like to donate to The Shannon Foundation, click the button below. Please be sure to state that your donation is in honor of “Compassionate Use Families.” Any such donation to The Shannon foundation will be used specifically for Compassionate families in need.