Texas Original Launches 50 mg Pink Lemonade Beverage

Texas Original Launches 50 mg Pink Lemonade Beverage
Texas Original Launches 50 mg Pink Lemonade Beverage

Texas Medical Cannabis Leader Announces New Beverage Product


AUSTIN, Texas (May 16, 2024)—Texas Original, Texas’ leading medical cannabis provider, today announced the launch of its 50 mg Pink Lemonade Beverage product. The Pink Lemonade Beverage comes in a 1 oz. shot size, allowing for simple administration for qualifying patients who are prescribed higher doses of THC to treat symptoms associated with conditions like cancer and PTSD. 


The Pink Lemonade Beverage follows Texas Original’s recent launch of its Pineapple Gummies, Dark Chocolate Bites and newest tinctures, which are among the first medical cannabis products in the state infused with Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). RSO is a full-spectrum extract that includes all the cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, proteins and other potentially beneficial compounds of the cannabis plant that may amplify the therapeutic benefits of THC.


“As the leading provider in Texas’ medical cannabis market, we are committed to providing safe, meticulously tested products to Texans who are looking for relief from pain, muscle spasms and other symptoms associated with cancer, PTSD and hundreds of other medical conditions,” said Nico Richardson, CEO of Texas Original. “Our new Pink Lemonade Beverage is an extension of that commitment—allowing us to accommodate patients’ higher-dosage prescriptions under the guidance of their physician.”


Texas Original also recently opened a new prescription pickup location in Sugar Land, in the greater Houston area. The new location is the first in populous Fort Bend County and is one of 18 locations Texas Original currently operates in the state—which together represent the most significant commitment to patient access ever seen in Texas’ medical cannabis market.


Medical cannabis can be prescribed in Texas to treat conditions including spasticity, neuropathy, PTSD, cancer, epilepsy and hundreds of neurodegenerative disorders. Texans can obtain medical cannabis prescriptions through online clinics or local physicians registered with the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas.


To learn more about medical cannabis in Texas, visit texasoriginal.com/get-a-prescription


About Texas Original

Texas Original is the leading licensed medical cannabis producer in Texas, working alongside physicians to provide the highest quality cannabis medicine to patients and families seeking relief across the state. As fellow Texans, we are dedicated to representing the integrity of this great state with our commitment to quality, consistency and purity in every product we produce. We remain committed to advancing safe, legal access to this powerful medicine. Texas Original is headquartered in Austin, with delivery throughout the entire state. For more information, visit www.texasoriginal.com. 


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