How to Use Aeropay

How to Use Aeropay
How to Use Aeropay

Aeropay offers secure, easy and cashless payments for medical cannabis orders using direct bank transfer. No app download is required. With Aeropay, you can pre-pay for your order or pay when picking it up.

How to Use Aeropay

Setting up Aeropay is as easy as 1-2-3! Follow the steps below to set up your account and complete a payment with Aeropay.

  1. Create an account and enter your information.
  2. Click 'Add Bank Account.' Select your bank and enter your credentials.
  3. You're ready to pay! After you finish placing your order with us, click here to enter your order amount and pay online.

Ready to pay? Click below to complete a payment with Aeropay.

Can I use Aeropay for a delivery order? 

Yes! Aeropay is accepted at all locations and deliveries. 

What if I have trouble connecting my bank account? 

If you can't find your bank, or if you're having trouble connecting, please visit here and a member of the Aeropay Customer Care team will assist in getting your bank linked.

What are the other accepted payment methods?

While we highly recommend using Aeropay to pay for your order, we also accept debit, cash, check and money orders. If you plan to pay with cash at a delivery, please bring exact change for your order total. 

Why can't I pay with my credit card? 

Due to the federal legal status of medical cannabis and payment processing limitations, we cannot accept credit cards at this time.