Introducing 10-count Medical Cannabis Gummies

Texas Original is excited to announce a more convenient product for patients. Our new portable  10-pack fast-acting gummies are the perfect size for on-the-go dosing. A 10-pack gummy quantity is a great option for patients looking to try different flavors and ratios as prescribed by their doctor before committing to a larger amount. Read more about our new 10-count gummies below. 

Fast-acting Medical Cannabis Gummy Packaging

Our new 10-count gummies will come in a small Calyx jar that is portable and easy to open. You can conveniently access your gummies by slightly pinching the base of the jar and pulling up the lid. These air-tight containers are the first of their kind and are simple to open for patients with dexterity challenges. 

Choosing environmentally friendly packaging is important for Texas Original as we move towards more sustainable operations. In addition to our other gummy jars, these compact calyx jars are recyclable. Each calyx jar contains an organic additive that, over time, allows for the container to convert into biomass rather than microplastics. This additive also causes the jar to break down faster in landfills than untreated plastic. Furthermore, these Calyx jars are food safe and can be reused for household items such as spices, paperclips, dog treats, cotton swabs and more.

Texas Original Medical Cannabis Gummy Formulations

Under the guidance of our Medical Advisory Board, each of our gummy products are formulated using a fast-acting technology called nanoemulsion. This groundbreaking infusion method allows the patient to administer a reliable and consistent dose each time and may enable the patient to receive a quicker onset for faster relief. Our 10-count fast-acting gummies are available in our 1:1 Balanced ratio and 0:1 THC-Only ratio in both strawberry passion fruit and sour peach mango flavors.

The Gold Standard of Medical Cannabis in Texas 

Quality and safety is essential to us at Texas Original. We can create the highest quality medical cannabis products that change people’s lives by using high-quality ingredients and sending each batch through rigorous testing. All of our gummies are pectin-based, so they are vegan friendly and are gluten free. In addition, our gummies are made only with natural food colors derived from fruit and vegetable juices. We do not use any artificial or synthetic colors.

Get a Medical Cannabis Prescription

Getting a medical cannabis prescription in Texas is quick and easy. Visit the link below to get started.