What Does 420 Mean to Texas Original?

4/20 is a big day for the cannabis industry and today Texas Original is celebrating by highlighting the power and truth of medical cannabis in Texas. 4/20 is a day when we honor our brave patients who have shared their testimonies and success with medical cannabis. 4/20 is also a day when we highlight the advocates who continue to support the expansion of medical cannabis in Texas. Since the beginning of the Compassionate Use Program in Texas, we have seen the incredible impact medical marijuana has had on our patients’ lives. At Texas Original, we’ve made it our mission and our gold standard to provide only the highest quality medical marijuana in Texas so patients can regain their quality of life. As we approach another legislative session in 2023, we will continue to advocate for increased accessibility to this life-changing medicine in Texas. 

What Does 420 Mean?

The history of the term 420 dates back to the 1970s. A group of teenagers from San Rafael, California, known as “the Waldos,” used 420 as a secret code for cannabis between their small group of friends. The term 420 stuck around and is now associated with the cannabis industry nationwide. At Texas Original, 4/20 is a time to celebrate the budding of the medical marijuana industry by highlighting the benefits of its life-changing capabilities. 

Changing the Lives of Texans

Since opening our doors in 2018, we have continued to witness the success of this medicine firsthand, so it is our mission at Texas Original to continue to spread the power and truth of medical cannabis. The positive feedback on how medical marijuana is helping Texans continues to pour in from patients, caregivers and prescribers. We are honored to celebrate 4/20 and medical cannabis by highlighting Texas OG patients who have found relief with medical cannabis.

In March, we celebrated with James, a 14-year-old Texas OG living with autism and epilepsy. James was taking up to 22 pills a day to combat his seizures and autism symptoms. His family was not seeing results and even considered brain surgery. After doing more research, they discovered that medical marijuana may help. Since starting medical marijuana, James has been able to discontinue all pharmaceuticals. As a result, James is now two years seizure-free, his coordination has improved tremendously and he can participate in activities with his friends and family. 

Terry is another Texas OG who has found relief with medical marijuana. Terry was injured in an IED explosion during his time in the Army. He went through multiple procedures and took several pharmaceuticals to help with his PTSD symptoms and his brain injury but experienced terrible side effects. Since trying medical marijuana, Terry has been able to taper off all pharmaceuticals and is now able to participate in life again with his wife, kids and grandkids. 

In addition to Terry and James, Tracy is also a Texas OG who has found relief with medical marijuana for multiple sclerosis. Tracy lived a very active lifestyle but began to lose the use of her right leg and felt overwhelmingly exhausted. She tried therapy and several medications but nothing worked. After trying medical marijuana, Tracy’s pain has decreased significantly and she is now able to go for walks, do yard work and participate in life again with her kids. 

The Gold Standard of Medical Cannabis in Texas

4/20 is an important day for the cannabis industry and as the market leader and only Texas-owned medical marijuana company in the state, we take the responsibility of leading this industry seriously. Our standards are high at Texas Original, so we ensure that our marijuana plants have been grown in a safe and clean environment. In addition, our medicine is manufactured with high-quality ingredients and sent through rigorous testing to ensure that each batch is consistent and pure. By providing high-quality and consistent medicine, we can continue to shed light on the power a nd truth of medical cannabis. We take great pride in what we do and are committed to creating top-of-the-line medical marijuana that changes people’s lives.

Join Our Texas OG Family

Texas OG proudly stands with and for every Texan who believes medical cannabis should be a treatment option for those who could benefit from it. Every day, we have the privilege of witnessing the positive results medical marijuana provides for patients living with various conditions. We ensure that patients have access to high-quality medical marijuana by delivering to every corner of the state. We also have prescription pick-up locations in Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Houston, Dallas, Wichita Falls, El Paso, Lubbock and more. Celebrate 4/20 by beginning your journey to relief with medical marijuana, grown for Texans by Texans. Click below to get started.