From the very beginning, our vision was to transform Texas through the power and truth of medical cannabis. Today, we’re very excited to further bring this vision to life with our new medical marijuana lozenge, made for Texans by Texans in our Southwest Austin facility.

Meet Our New Medical Marijuana Lozenges

You asked, we listened. We’ve been hard at work this summer developing a lozenge that is patient tested and approved.

Starting in August, more than 20 patients with conditions ranging from Autism to Parkinson’s tested the lozenges and provided feedback. We used that feedback to make improvements and offer you a medical marijuana lozenge that meets your high standards. 

Why Lozenges?

We hear the feedback from our patients who want an alternative to oil tinctures and spray. Here are a few of the reasons why we added medical marijuana lozenges to our selection of medicines. Plus, how they could benefit you.

Oil Intake: What once was a large carrier oil intake for some patients is now a simple dose in one lozenge. Patients who experience gastrointestinal issues with the carrier oil can now find relief without the worry of an upset stomach.

Easier, Spill-Free Administration: Dosing is now simpler for patients and caregivers. Described by one of our patients as “easier to take, pleasant like eating candy, much easier to travel with and can’t spill like the tincture,” we are excited to bring our simplest medicine to administer yet. 

For Texans with movement disorders, we’ve provided a medical marijuana lozenge that takes the worry out of administration. No spills, no dosage miscalculations and no glass bottle. 

Better on the Go: Patients who need to take their medicine with them will enjoy this easy-to-pack option with no syringes or leaks. From one of our patients, “I prefer the simplicity of the lozenges rather than using the syringe to measure from the tincture. I stayed overnight at my son’s house and took the lozenges with me.”

How Do I Get Lozenges?

As we introduce this new medicine to our patients, we have a limited quantity available. If you’re interested in trying our new medical marijuana lozenge, just let the dispensary know for your next refill.

Not a patient yet and want to learn how to get a medical marijuana prescription in Texas?